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Expunction of Criminal record

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During the last North Carolina legislative session (ending June 2017) revisions were made to the expunction statutes to become effective December 1, 2017.

  • Free Criminal Record Expungement Clinic

    Legal Aid of North Carolina’s free expungement clinic explains North Carolina expunction law to help participants determine if they are eligible to have one or more charges removed from their criminal records. You can also ask general questions to a volunteer attorney through the webinar, however, specific advice is not provided. If you determine you qualify for an expunction during the clinic, you will be given the opportunity to request a callback from Legal Aid in which you will go through a phone screening for additional assistance. Legal Aid services are free of charge. Clinics are located in many NC counties. If you do not see a clinic in your city or county, please check the surrounding counties in your area. You can also call the Legal Aid Helpline directly at 866-219-5262, because Legal Aid assists with some expungement cases if you qualify for additional services. Content Detail

    Legal Aid of North Carolina - Central Intake
  • Expunction (Expungement) of Nonviolent Non-Drug-Related Offenses

    Expunction eligibility on the basis of conviction type for non-violent, non-drug-related offenses. Content Detail

    UNC School of Government
  • Expunction of Records

    Comprehensive and detailed guide to the expunction laws of North Carolina, maintained by the UNC School of Government. This guide is written for anyone wanting to understand eligibility and the law but is more suited to students or attorneys wanting to learn or maintain a level of familiarity. Content Detail

    UNC School of Government Expunction Guide (For Attorneys and Students)
  • Expunction Resources for Dismissed Charges

    This page provides information on Legal Aid of North Carolina resources for individuals seeking the expungement of dismissed charges. This includes a selection of the relevant forms and filing instructions tailored for each county in NC. Content Detail

    Legal Aid of North Carolina
  • Expunctions (NC Courts Guides for Expunctiuons)

    NC Courts page with information and FAQs on expunction. Content Detail

    North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Legal Aid Criminal Expungement Clinic

    Multiple Locations Raleigh, NC 27603
    This group does not provide legal representation in court.