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Traffic Offenses

Know Your Rights

  • Know Your Rights

    What to do are stopped by Immigration Agents or Police while on foot, your car is pulled over by immigration agents, or police Immigration Agents or police come to your home. Content Detail

    North Carolina Advocates for Justice
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  • What To Do If You Are Stopped by the Police

    This site explains your rights as an individual when you are stopped for questioning, pulled over in your car, or even arrested. Content Detail

    American Civil Liberties Union
  • Traffic Violations and Court (FAQ)

    Common questions about traffic violations and court. Content Detail

    North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts
  • North Carolina Road Rules

    Road rules - You know when you drive along North Carolina roads the law requires you to go the speed limit, wear your seat belt and turn your headlights on at night. But you may not be aware of several other important laws that you must also abide by as you travel across the state. Content Detail

    North Carolina Department of Transportation
  • Traffic Tickets and Violations

    The DMV allows you to fight your speeding tickets and parking tickets. They also offer information on insurance, vehicle registration, traffic school, etc. Content Detail

    North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles