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Custody: Tips for Successful Mediation

This PDF document gives some tips on how to make the required mediation session in a custody case as beneficial as possible.

Custody: Giving Notice to the Defendant

This PDF document explains how the defendant in a custody case is informed about the custody lawsuit. Informing the defendant is called "serving" the defendant, and the process is referred to as "service".

Custody Packets for North Carolina

A comprehensive set of packets with instructions and North Carolina court forms for either a parent who wishes to file for custody against the other parent, or a non-parent who wishes to file against both parents. The court forms may be completed by hand.

Custody: Practical Tips when filing for custody without a lawyer

This document lists several practical tips for people planning to file for custody on their own without a lawyer.

Custody: Preparing to File for Custody Without a Lawyer

This document explains what forms are required, where to obtain the forms, where to file, and what information you will need to complete the forms.

Filing for Custody Without a Lawyer - Helpful Information

Excerpts from the custody packet and website developed for persons seeking to file for custody without a lawyer.

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