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Legal Forms

This document is a collection of links to fillable forms that are available on NC Administrative Office of the Courts or AOC. Before using any of these forms, you should learn as much as you can about the subject area you are interested in, to be sure you are using the forms in the correct way. After each topic (Cover Sheets, for example), the source of the form is given in parentheses. You may find additional information on the source's website or within this LawHelp/NC website.

Cover Sheets (AOC)

Child Custody (AOC)

Child Support (AOC)

Domestic Violence (AOC)

Exemptions (AOC)

General (AOC)

Juvenile (AOC)

Small Claims (AOC)

Special Proceedings (AOC)

Under-age Marriage (AOC)

NC Dept. of Health and Human Services Forms

Federal Government Forms

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