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Employment: COBRA Coverage

Authored By: Legal Aid of North Carolina LSC Funded

Quick Facts


If your employer has twenty (20) or more employees and has a group health plan under which you were covered, you are entitled to continue health coverage after your work ends. This is known as COBRA coverage.

If you were discharged for "gross misconduct," you will not be entitled to continuous coverage.

  • Your continuous health coverage will require you to pay the monthly premiums. The amount to pay will be determined by the insurance policy.

At the end of your employment, your employer will mail you the required notification of insurance coverage under COBRA. You must complete these forms and pay the required premium.

In North Carolina employees who worked for employers with two (2) or more employees have limited protection for continuation of group health insurance coverage.

Upon termination of employment, you should ask your employer to give you information about health insurance coverage.  


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Last Review and Update: Jun 18, 2012