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Education: Discipline/Suspension - Exceptional Child

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Quick Facts

A child who has been identified as having a disability and there is an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) in place has additional protection if he is suspended from school. If the child has been suspended for more than ten (10) days, the IEP team must:

  1. Meet within 10 working days of the disciplinary action.
  2. Must work on a manifestation determination.
  3. Must work on a functional behavioral assessment.
  4. Must write a behavioral intervention plan as soon as practical.

Manifestation Determination

Definition: A review to determine whether or not the child’s behavior subject to discipline is a manifestation of (is related to) his/her disability.

If the behavior is found NOT to be a manifestation of a disability:

  1. Normal disciplinary action can be taken.
  2. The IEP team determines the extent of services to be provided.

If the behavior IS related to the child’s disability:

Suspension CAN NOT occur.

If parents disagree with the determination or with the placement decision, parents may request and will receive an expedited hearing.

If the child has been suspended for less than ten (10) days, the IEP team must:

  1. School may follow normal disciplinary procedures.
  2. No action needs to take place relative to special education due process.
  3. The IEP team may meet to address the issues related to the suspension.

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Last Review and Update: Jul 05, 2012