Filing for Custody: When to seek advice from a lawyer

In some situations, it is strongly recommended that you get advice from a lawyer before deciding to file a custody case on your own without a lawyer.  Additional steps may be required, or you may not be allowed to file for custody in North Carolina.
Below are some of these situations:

  •   You or the children are victims of domestic violence

  •   The children have lived in North Carolina less than 6 months

  •   One parent lives outside North Carolina

  •   One parent is in the military

  •   You do not know the current whereabouts of the other parent

  •   There has been another custody case involving these children

  •   There has been a Juvenile Court case involving these children

  •   DSS Child Protective Services has placed these children with someone else

  •   The children live with someone who is not their parent  

Last Review and Update: Mar 18, 2014
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