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Eligibility for food stamps is based on household size and household income.

The Department of Social Services (DSS) must consider the income of everyone that lives with you.

If a person living with you buys his/her own groceries and takes meals separate from others in the house, that person will not be considered part of your household. That person’s income will not be counted for food stamps.

DSS may deduct some essential living expenses from your income.

The following may deducted from your income to calculate food stamps:

1. Rent or Mortgage

DSS will deduct your rent or mortgage payments. Even if you live in subsidized housing, your rent will be deducted.

2. Utility Payment

DSS will deduct your bill for utilities.

3. Medical Expenses

If you are disabled and if you pay an average of $35.00 a month for medical expenses, DSS may deduct this amount from your income.

4. Child Support Payment

If you pay child support and other child care expenses DSS may deduct these expenses from your income.

When you apply for food stamps take the following:

1. Receipts of rent or mortgage payments

2. Utility bills

3. Medical expenses, doctor, hospital, medicine (over the counter and prescription medicines), transportation costs to and from the doctor, etc.

4. Child support payments


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Last Review and Update: Jul 22, 2014
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