Unemployment: How to Prepare for an Unemployment Benefits Hearing

Quick Facts

During the process to claim unemployment benefits, the investigator from the local Employment Security Commission (ESC) will attempt to contact your employer. This contact allows the employer to explain the reason for your separation from employment.

  • The information provided by your employer will be recorded in ESC form 500AB; Request for Separation Information.

The information provided by your employer in ESC form 500AB will allow you to know your employer’s explanation as to why you no longer work with them. For example, the employer may state that you quit when you believe that you were discharged.

  • The information provided by your employer to the ESC will assist you and/or your legal representative in preparing for your claim for unemployment benefits.

It is important to obtain a copy of ESC form 500AB and any other information given by your employer.

You can contact the Appeals Referee assigned to your case by calling the number that appears in the notice of hearing.

After a hearing in front of an Appeals Referee has been scheduled, you can get a copy of ESC form 500AB and other documents in your file. When you contact the Appeals Referee, ask him to mail or fax to you copies of form 500AB, any other documents provided by your employer and all exhibits contained in your file.

You should request these documents IMMEDIATELY after receiving the notice of hearing.  


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Last Review and Update: Jun 18, 2012
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