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Housing: Moving Out

Quick Facts



  • Return the keys as soon as possible! You are responsible for rent until you turn in the keys.

  • You should leave the premises clean and empty.

  • If your landlord has to clean up or remove any trash or other items after you leave, the landlord can charge you for removing them.

  • The landlord can deduct any damages beyond ordinary wear and tear from your security deposit. The landlord can also charge you for any damages in excess of the amount of your security deposit as well.

  • Before turning in the keys, take photos of each room to document the condition in which you left the rental unit, in case a dispute arises over the landlord’s move-out charges.

  • Make sure the landlord knows where to send your security deposit refund, and/or an accounting for it.

  • The landlord is required by law to return your security deposit or give you an accounting for its use within thirty days after you move. The landlord is not obligated to return your security deposit before the thirty-day deadline


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Last Review and Update: Jun 08, 2012
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