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Housing: Tips When You are behind in House Payments

Authored By: Legal Aid of North Carolina LSC Funded

Quick Facts


Do not ignore the problem

Act as soon as you miss a payment. The further behind in the payments, the more difficult it will be to get caught up.

Contact the lender

You may be able to work out an agreement to make payments that you can afford until you can get caught up.

A lender may have a loss mitigation department. This means that they can assign a counselor that you talk with and provide financial information to, and they possibly will work out a payment arrangement or modify the terms of your mortgage loan. Keep a record of the date of contact and who you spoke to.

Open and save all mail

The information received from the lender is important to determine if the lender has followed the correct legal process. The lender may provide options to avoid foreclosure.

Gather all your loan documents

Find and gather all your loan documents. This information will be important to determine what the lender can do if you are unable to pay and how much time you have.

Contact a HUD counselor

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds free or low cost housing counselors. A counselor can help understand your options. To find a HUD approved counselor, call (800) 569-4287.



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Last Review and Update: Oct 10, 2019